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ColdSea - 100% Natural Omega-3 Krill Oil
Novel Food approved ColdSea™ 100% Krill Oil
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Novel Food Approved ColdSea Krill Oil Omega-3 is one of the newest Omega-3 supplements on the market.  ColdSea 100% Natural krill oil contains 100% oil from krill. By using natural Omega-3, nature’s strongest antioxidants and phospholipids, ColdSea™ Omega-3 Krill oil is among the leading Omega-3 products on the market. 

ColdSea 100% Krill Oil
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ColdSea 100% Naturlig Krillolje pakning

The Novel Food Approved ColdSea 100% Natural Krill Oil is produced from the Antarctic Krill which is found in one of the world cleanest oceans. Krill oil is rich in Omega-3 phospholipids, which is Omega-3 in water-soluble form (can be mixed with water). In addition, ColdSea Krill Oil contains natural antioxidants, in the form of Astaxanthin, which is one of the world’s strongest antioxidants. It protects the body against free radicals.

Omega-3 is Good for Your Health
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Omega-3 can be beneficial for the cardiovascular system, the brain, your learning abilities, skin, hair, immune system, cholesterol level and much more.

As a main rule, scientists say that one should eat oily fish at least twice a week, or take an Omega-3 supplement. 

It is recommended to eat at least 1 gram of Omega-3 per day. If you do not eat enough oily fish, ColdSea™ 100% Natural Omega-3 Krill Oil with oil from Antarctic krill is an excellent source, where a large amount of the Omega-3 level is connected to phospholipids.


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ColdSea ™ Novel Food Approved 100% Natural Krill Oil from Antarctic Krill.
All in one capsule: Omega-3 as water soluble Phospholipids and Astaxhanthin